Small Groups

Our small groups meet weekly in peoples homes. We spend some time in prayer for our church and the community, then go through a bible study, with a focus on discussion and sharing. Currently we're going through Drive By Theology. Todd Friel and Dr. Steve Lawson host this audio series as they take you through 35 short lectures on every theology from bibliology to soteriology and every other “ology” and you will see that the Bible is exactly what it says it is, “profitable for all of life and godliness.”

You will learn:

> How to organize the Bible into manageable categories of theology.

> How different theologies intersect and support one another.

> How amazing the Bible is!

Pursing correct knowledge of God is the greatest endeavor any human can partake of. Drive By Theology will help you do that.


We have 2 small groups, meeting on Tuesday in Melton, and Wednesday in Taylors Hill.

Contact us for more details!