Be Not Ashamed

In today's service, Pastor Damean preached on Luke 8:40-48. It's a passage you've no doubt heard a lot. If you've been going to church for a while, you've probably heard countless sermons on this passage or it's parallels in Matthew or Mark.

It's a powerful passage, but one almost always tied to faith. Now, don't get me wrong, faith is a huge key to this passage. Jesus even tells the woman, "Daughter, be of good cheer. Your faith has made you well."

But there was one point that Pastor Damean hit on today that struck me- the woman wasn't ashamed of Christ. She may have been ashamed of who she was- 12 years of being an outcast, living with such a terrible disease would have surely worn down her self worth, but she wasn't ashamed of being a witness to the power of Christ. After she was healed, she pointed the way so others would see who He was.

The woman in the passage in Luke wasn't "trained", wasn't "ready", wasn't a "powerful speaker". The woman simply recognised that Jesus was who he claimed, and so she wasn't going to be ashamed to trust Him and proclaim His goodness.

A few weeks ago, one of our members felt God's calling to preach in public. He went to the local shopping centre and literally stood on a box and proclaimed the Gospel. He talked to us about being terrified, yet 100% convinced this is what he should do. What God has done for him must be proclaimed so that others may not perish. He now plans to do this regularly.

I pray that we are all as unashamed of Christ,  particularly in light of what He has done for us.



(you can listen to the sermon from Luke 8:40-48 here)