A Little About The Davises

When Damean Davis arrived at Living Springs Baptist Church in 1994, back then known as Deer Park Baptist Church, he was eager to come and learn as much as he could about serving in the local church.  Taken under the wing of our then pastor, Jim Massey, Damean quickly made our church his home whilst studying at Victoria Baptist Bible College.  Having sensed a pastoral calling on his life as a teenager he felt that completing tertiary studies at Victoria Baptist Bible College would enhance his knowledge and experience and enable him, with the Lord’s help and leading, to be more effective in answering the call on his life.  So the journey was made from the tiny town of Howlong in regional New South Wales to the big city of Melbourne where Damean’s first home was in Sunshine.  It would take almost 20 years for a door to open up in relation to that call on Damean’s life but when the opportunity to pastor Living Springs Baptist Church arose last year he knew that to not go forward as a candidate would be being disobedient to the Lord.  And so it was that on Sunday, 13 October 2013 my husband became the pastor of Living Springs Baptist Church.

When asked to provide a little blurb about our experience as a family, now that Damean’s appointment has been formalised, I must admit that I did feel somewhat overwhelmed.  Perhaps it is because if I were to write our whole story and the many lessons learned throughout those years I could fill many volumes.  And I wanted to share the lot with you.  But because of space and time constraints I thought I would provide you with just a little about us.  We look forward to sharing the rest with you one on one. As a married couple we, the Davises, are quite complementary.  Damean being the logical intellect and I being the creative one.  God has been faithful to us throughout our fifteen years of marriage.  We have had many ups, many downs and then some more downs but God has used every single experience to build our faith and enrich our life experience so that we can relate to different circumstances on a deeper level.  I can truly say that I am just as thankful for the downs as I am for the ups.  Since my own conversion at the age of thirteen I always knew that life as a born again believer would take me down a path that would be unique.  God gave me a passion and hunger for ministry from a very young age and put a burden on my heart to work with children to teach them the truths of God’s Word and use my creative passions to glorify Him.  I find this calling on my life peculiar as I grew up an only child with only very limited exposure to young children.  Funny how God prepares us for the work that He has for us regardless of our circumstances.  As I grew older I thought that if God did not provide me with a spouse with the same calling I might go it alone but God had different plans and Damean and my paths crossed at Bible College.  We married in 1998. Over the years the Lord has blessed us with two wonderful children, Aidan, twelve, and Alissa, ten, and after a few moves we have settled in Eynesbury. 

Both Damean and I look forward to serving our church family and the Lord at Living Springs Baptist Church.  We look forward to being used by the Lord to build up our church family and see them grow deeper in their relationships with the Lord.  We want to see families strengthened and built on the Word of God through living lives that are pleasing to Him and effectively reaching the lost through their own testimonies.  Indeed we are all called to evangelise and this is how we as a church will grow.  Our desire is to see the church family at Living Springs Baptist Church serve God corporately as a tight knit family.  It is Damean’s desire to see men in our church rise up to not only lead their homes to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ but to also take on this responsibility in the church.  It is my desire to see the women in our church follow the instructions given to them in the Word in teaching their children, honoring their husbands and being willing to be used of the Lord to glorify Him.  We both look forward to seeing the church reach outward into the community, introducing people to the Lord, perhaps, for the very first time and seeing God save these people thereby glorifying Himself through them. 

We are humbled that the Lord would entrust us with the care of His people at Living Springs Baptist Church and ask that you please keep us in your thoughts and prayers continually.  We assure you that you are all in our thoughts and prayers as well.  May the love of the Lord bind us and keep us as we grow together and enter into this exciting new chapter at our church.  In future you will be hearing in this capacity from your new pastor but I do look forward to writing to our beautiful ladies to edify and encourage them.


Blessings, Anna Davis